2024 Trends: A Look Ahead for HR/L&D

Join Blanchard researchers Jay Campbell and David Witt as they unpack the results of Blanchard’s 2024 HR/L&D Trends Survey. More than 1,200 leadership, learning, and talent development professionals participated in this year’s survey.

HR Seminar 2023: Inclusive Leadership - Building An Inclusive Culture In The Workplace

On March 23, SHRM collaborated with FranklinCovey Vietnam, Blanchard Vietnam and Hogan Assessments to successfully organize the HR Seminar 2023 with the theme "INCLUSIVE LEADERSHIP - How to Create a Culture of Belonging Where Everyone Can Thrive" in Ho Chi Minh City.


In an unstable society driven by VUCA, the stories brought on by constant change combined with the growth of Gen Z team members has yet to fully play out. Companies face many difficulties with many new challenges never faced before, business is no longer as simple as it was in...


During the workshop, leading training and development experts will discuss Team Reactions to Change Implementation and Why Team Change Efforts Get Off the Rails?

2022 Top Manager Challenges Survey Results Webinar

What are the top challenges facing today’s managers? What are the realities they’re facing? What can organizations do to improve the environment? These are just some of the questions Jay Campbell, chief product officer of Blanchard®, will be addressing as he shares the results of Blanchard’s 2022 Manager Challenges Survey.

Measuring The Impact And ROI Of Leadership Traininga

One of the biggest challenges leadership, learning, and talent development professionals face when they propose new training and development programs is convincing senior executives of the positive fiscal impact of the proposed initiative. Without a way to present the anticipated financial improvement, it is easy to dismiss a new proposal...

Accelerating Trust During Times Of Change

Trust is critical anytime an organization is embarking on great change. To ensure high levels of organizational performance, leaders need to tackle trust head-on. People need to know that they can trust their leaders in four key areas. The key for leaders is to demonstrate the behaviors people most associate...

Servant Leadership In The 21st Century: A Conversation With Simon Sinek And Ken Blanchard

In this free on-demand webcast recording Simon Sinek and Ken Blanchard discuss the evolution of leadership, and challenge each other on what a new generation can learn from those who came before and those leading today.

Leading The Future Of Work: 3 Steps To Building Conversational Capacity

In a world of rapid-fire change, it's more important than ever to build teams that work well when the pressure is on. Quality communication can mean the difference between success and failure.

3 Performance Conversation Skills All Leaders Need To Master

Dr. Vicki Halsey provides an in-depth look at the three skills today’s leaders need to master in a changing world—Goal Setting, Diagnosing, and Matching. Halsey will show you how to help your leaders diagnose development level on new tasks and goals, and how to provide people with the proper amounts...

The Future Of Leadership Development

Lead, learning, and talent development professionals are feeling the pressure this year, and it's not likely to let up for some time. Join us for a frank conversation about what's happening in L&D and how to develop an effective strategic plan to meet learning's changing landscape.