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Leading with The SLII Experience

A situational approach to leadership

The world’s most widely used leadership training program

SLII® helps leaders improve their leadership styles
in every situation, with each development level of employees.

With SLII®, leaders are empowered with a proven,
time-tested leadership model which is trusted by Top Fortune 500 companies as a solution
to develop more great leaders to inspire and accelerate performance.

With business moving at a blistering pace, there’s more pressure than ever for leaders to be effective at leading successful teams. But often, they don’t have the skills to be the agile, adaptive leaders they need to be and struggle building meaningful connections with their people to drive results.

It’s not for lack of trying or wanting to be great leaders. Research has shown that most leaders use one leadership style - so they don’t know how to unleash the potential of their people.

They need to learn how to lead situationally.

Blanchard’s SLII® empowers leaders to become adaptive - a requirement for our uncertain times. Backed by 40 years of research and an unmatched track record of results, SLII® teaches your leaders how to lead situationally by giving their people the right support or direction at the right time.

SLII® enables leaders to build deeper relationships with their work, their company, and their colleagues making every day more inspiring, motivating, and meaningful.

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Who Should Attend?

  • Individuals in leadership roles who want to increase their effectiveness.
  • Executives and senior-level managers.
  • Mid-level or new managers or supervisors.

Developing Your Managers

To Lead Situationally Will Result In:

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A Common

Leadership Language

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Increased Retention

and Morale

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Proactive Problem 


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Proven, Time-Tested Leadership Model

Organizations can choose how they deliver SLII®, allowing learners to be more in charge of their learning journey beyond the classroom. All delivery formats use a four part learning path to ensure your managers master the content and become situational leaders.


Engaging assignments that explain key concepts.


Activities that teach leaders the skills and language to lead situationally.


Activities based on personal work challenges that develop new skills.


Strategies that reinforce the learning and make it second nature to set SMART goals, diagnose development level, and use the matching leadership style.

When you work with Blanchard to improve the skills of your leaders, you can be confident that you’ll help your organization. We partner with you to teach you proven best practices that will result in the greatest return on your investment. Leaders deserve to be equipped with the right framework and tools to be successful. With more inspired leaders, morale and engagement will improve, team members will feel supported, employees will become more creative problem solvers, and company productivity will increase.

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Leading with The SLII Experience™ (SLII)

Starting date: 26/10/2024
Location: Hanoi
Schedule: Saturday, Sunday
Duration: sessions (4 hour(s) per session)
Time: 08:30 - 12:00 & 13:00 - 17:30
Tuition: 17,901,000 VND
Early birds: 16,524,000 VND
Language: Vietnamese
The fee includes: (1) 8% VAT; (2) Participant learning kit;
The discounted fee will be available to registrations and payments received on or before 07 days.
Amcham Member Accepted

Are You Ready To Start?

Here's how to implement successful training initiatives, following 3 steps:

  • Decision: We will help you decide who should take the training and why.
  • Preparation: We will help you prepare the materials and the instructors.
  • Implementation: We will help you implement the training perfectly.

Blanchard® is a global leader in leadership & management training. For nearly 40 years,
Blanchard® has been creating the best leaders & managers in the world, including organizations in the Top 500 Fortune.

Blanchard® starts at the heart of leadership, helping leaders view every exchange as an opportunity to foster trust and deepen relationships.
These inspired leaders become the ultimate agents of progress and transformation for their people, work, and organizations.

Blanchard Vietnam, a member of PACE Institute of Management, is an authorized partner of Blanchard® in Vietnam.