Leadership Point Of View®

Today’s leaders balance relationships and results under great pressure, making difficult decisions every day. When leaders are clear on their leadership values and principles, they can make tough trade-offs and lead their people with more intentionality and authenticity. And when leaders share their values and motivators with their people, they inspire engagement, trust, and respect.
Blanchard’s Leadership Point of View™ is an immersive experience that helps leaders uncover their values, write their leadership story, and create trusting relationships with their people.

Ignite Your Workforce With Leaders Who Can Define
And Share Their Leadership Stories

Creating a leadership point of view helps leaders become more inspiring and authentic, self-aware and honest, vulnerable and values driven. And when direct reports understand their leader’s motivations, they feel more connected and willing to bring their full creativity and productivity to work.

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Eliminates Misunderstandings

Accelerates understanding of what makes leaders tick and what they expect

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Improves Relationships

Helps leaders be seen as more authentic and accessible

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Fosters Loyalty

Creates leaders who are more effective, connected, and supportive

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Who Should Attend?

  • Leaders at all levels
  • Individual contributors who aspire to be leaders
  • High-potential employees interested in leadership roles

Help Your Leaders Find Clarity And Alignment

LEADERSHIP POINT OF VIEW takes leaders on a journey of self-discovery where they identify the experiences that shaped their leadership values. Then they tell their story to their people. Sharing one’s story is a deeply personal experience that bridges the gap between leaders and the people they work with.

There are two ways to discover and deliver your leadership point of view

  • Cohort Learning Experience:
    Leaders participate in three 2-hour virtual sessions or two half-day face-to-face sessions. Leaders are coached through the process, which typically includes an initial virtual or face-to-face meeting and a series of one-on-one coaching calls.
  • Individual Coaching Experience
    Leaders can choose a more individualized experience with our one-on-one Leadership Point of View coaching services. This dedicated time is ideal for professionals who are in highly visible roles or wish to set an example that colleagues can follow.

Are You Ready To Start?

Here's how to implement successful training initiatives, following 3 steps:

  • Decision: We will help you decide who should take the training and why.
  • Preparation: We will help you prepare the materials and the instructors.
  • Implementation: We will help you implement the training perfectly.

Blanchard® is a global leader in leadership & management training. For nearly 40 years,
Blanchard® has been creating the best leaders & managers in the world, including organizations in the Top 500 Fortune.

Blanchard® starts at the heart of leadership, helping leaders view every exchange as an opportunity to foster trust and deepen relationships.
These inspired leaders become the ultimate agents of progress and transformation for their people, work, and organizations.

Blanchard Vietnam, a member of PACE Institute of Management, is an authorized partner of Blanchard® in Vietnam.