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    High Performance Teams: What It Takes To Make Them Work

    Properly functioning and thriving teams can improve creativity and productivity, yet aren’t called upon enough when it comes to improving organizational performance. Teamwork is essential to creating competitive advantage, improving innovation, and achieving goals in the most efficient and effective way possible. All too often, teams are formed to accomplish important tasks, but are not always given the skills or proper training to reach peak performance.

    In its Human Capital Trends report, Deloitte outlines that it found key trends— employee engagement, culture, time to market, innovation—were best addressed via a network of teams. The challenge that arises in this scenario is the proper management of teams and inter-team communication so that each is working in alignment on their respective projects. Harvard Business Review reveals that three out of four teams are dysfunctional, all because the organization lacks a systematic approach for supporting them. And Blanchard research estimates that three out of five new teams fail to achieve their goals. Key reasons are inadequate planning, resources, shared leadership, and training.

    To become an agile leader: